Michael Jackson’s Career

11 Michael Jackson Moves

Apart from being a good and dedicated pop singer, Michael Jackson was unbeatable when it came to dancing. He had lots of unique styles of dancingyou could not believe. The turn walk, double toe stand, spin, train, hip-hop kick, robot, and the lean are some of the dancing styles Michael Jackson fancied.

  1. The turn walk

This move was one of the fantastic moves invented by Michael Jackson in 1984 during his victory tour. It is surprising how Jackson managed to do the turn walk. Maybe this was the reason the pop singer had a number of fans.


  1. The double toe stand

This move is characterized by toe stands with an S looking position.Michael Jackson made this move by curving his feet in an imposable way. The double stand move was very conspicuous during Billie Jean Motown 25’s performance.

  1. The spin

Managing long spins can be quite harder to learn because you have to carefully watch your landing to support you from falling down. The spin was very common during the Thriller era.

  1. The Train

This move features a floor scooting technique like the movement of a train. This move was applied in the Bad, a short film shot by Jackson and his dancers.

  1. The hip hop kick

This move is famous for the amazing kicks. For you to do the hip-hop kick, you only have to hop and kick. Michael loved this much so much that he could always try it out on the streets in the company of his fans.

  1. The jacket throw back

Michael could to this move amazingly in his cool jacket. Mastering this move is much easier; you only have to get that classy jacket to make you look stunning then try moving in a way that displaces the jacket away from your body in the back movement.

  1. The robot

Do you know what robot movement entails? Well this is the hint on how and where to learn. Try watching the Dancing Machine by Michael Jackson and within a month of dedicated training, you will be good to go.


  1. The lean

Michael Jackson’s lean movement is one of the most appreciated movements. In most of his songs, he could twist his body in a way that could leave him in a leaning position, leaving his fans in awe. Anyway, who was the genius to match this talented superstar?

  1. The Crotch grab

The Crotch grab is well articulated in Billie Jean performance. Michael does a perfect dance going with the beat. This is the sexiest dance move you can always enjoying watching.

  1. The sidewalk

The sidewalk move was invented by the king of pop in his “Bad Tour.”

  1. The moon walk

The moonwalk is the most famous move. It is easier and enjoyable to learn. It is also called“the signature move.” Some people say that Michael Jackson adopted it from the street dancers and children. With a good 9 months of practice, you will have perfectly mastered the moonwalk move.

Hey there! So you also are a fan of this child artist who has portrayed extraordinary talents in blending French touch with electro. He also is very famous in his discography and both his albums have been widely accepted and earned him a lot of appreciation.

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