History Of Michael Jackson

The Lavish Lifestyle Michael Jackson Lived

Michael Jackson dreadfully fancied luxurious assets including cars, artwork, gardens, crowns, thrones and the houses he lived in. He would spend millions of money purchasing whatever he thought could meet his demands. No wonder he ended up owning 75 automobiles. He also had 5 savings accounts and about 16 checking accounts with a number of banks in California not forgetting about 4 homes including Neverland Home. The irony behind all this is that he died with a debt of around $400 million. How was he spending his money?

Michael Jackson was a generous artist. In the Guinness Book of World Records,2000 edition, he secured an honorable title for the “Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star.”Jackson had managed to fund 39 charity organizationsthrough monetary funding and donations. He loved kids and the vulnerable society.


Michael Jackson lived like a king. J. Randy Taraborrelli, Michael Jackson’s autobiographer confirmed this adding that Jackson lived an extravagant lifestyle and never did anything for the purpose of money. He was not the type to look at the bad financial situation and make a decision to do something. Despite the numerous warnings of running broke by his personal advisors, Michael went ahead to overspend his fortunes. This even turned worse after his trial.

On one occasion, Michael Jackson went out for shopping in one of his favorite shops in Las Vegas, what amazed the manager is the quantity of goods he purchased. He was simply looking at what he thought could be the best then ended up adding it to his shopping list. He bought lots of statues and paintings, a chase set, and an adorable table among other commodities. I guess that was the luckiest manager in the world. Making $26 million in an hour from only one customer!

Michael Jackson’s lavish lifestyle extended to exotic animals. He kept tamed pets in his Neverland home.Some of the pets he kept included chimpanzees, pythons, and a ram. His creepy python called crusher and the three rams were the most treasured pets for the artist.Michael spent a fortune maintaining these pets through regular cleaning, feeding, and treatment. Apart from spending his millions on his pets, the celebrity integrated an oxygen tent in his home where he could spend part of his time relaxing with the fantasy that his aging would delay.


In his Neverland home, Michael Jackson had lots of high-end video games accessories. Sources closer to him say that the pop artist was a great playing station lover. He always included playing pads in his long list of shopping.Also costly were the type of gloves Jackson regularly purchased. He had a taste for whitish or grayish silver gloves while also considering the diamond gloves.You could not believe the number of costumes the singer had purchased by the time of his demise.

Michael Jackson had a massive library of books ranging from novels to all types of journals. He could purchase over a hundred books at once as part of his shopping. The legend not only had a passion for music but also the passion for reading.Admittedly, it is clear that the pop artist could not mind spending his money. He believed in exploring any opportunity that could avail itself.

Hey there! So you also are a fan of this child artist who has portrayed extraordinary talents in blending French touch with electro. He also is very famous in his discography and both his albums have been widely accepted and earned him a lot of appreciation.

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