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Why Michael Jackson married Debbie Rowe

It is still unclear what really existed between Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson. They neither loved each other nor shared the same room yet they had children. How did all this happen? Here are some of the reasons why the two got engaged.

Debbie was already 6 months pregnant

When Michael Jackson learned that Debbie was 6 months pregnant,he had no choice but to marry Debbie. The good thing about Michael Jackson is the way he presented himself out like a gentleman. He was caring and could not abandon Debbie. Also, he badly wanted kids to bring up, to focus on, to play with, and to take care of and since Debbie was already offering his much-anticipated gift, he couldn’t hesitate to organize a marriage wedding. It is still, however, unclear whether Debbie was truly pregnant for Jackson.


Never wanted to have children out of wedlock

Michael Jackson’s religious background could not allow him to have children out of wedlock. This is another surprising reason as to why he married Debbie. Some alleged that Debbie was only after his fortunes and that she only wanted white kids to inherit Michael. What was strange is the fact that the never loved each other. In an interview, Debbie cited that they had to get married to prevent some of the taboos and thatthey never wanted the kids to get affected in future. Debbie also wanted Jackson to be a father and that he absolutely deserved it.

For the sake of children

The main reason why Jackson married Debbie was because of kids. Debbie recalls how she literally begged Jackson for the opportunity to give him children.She recalls saying, “Let me do this for you,you need to be a daddy.” This was somehow ironical and cunning but after all, Michael Jackson went ahead to believe her. Debbie had constantly insisted on helping Jackson out so many times citing that she loved him and was the best she way she could prove her love to him. Debbie knew quite well the fantasy that was tormenting the superstar and took advantage of it promptly. Eventually, Jackson fell for the trap and was quoted saying, “She did it for me”. All this was to be free and that Jackson didn’t have to pay Debbie in return but due to the fact that the celebrity was overwhelmingly generous, he went ahead to show Debbie tremendous appreciation by giving her financial support among other necessities.


Many people say that Debbie wanted to give Michael Jackson a kid because she had a crush on him as one of his adored fans contrary to her allegations that she wanted Jackson to be a father.In addition, Debbie wanted white children to inherit Michael wealth when he died. What was funny about the whole ordeal is that Michael and Debbie never had sex. During an interview, Debbie really felt offended by the question articulated to sex and could not answer a word, citing it irrelevant and inappropriate. Neitherwasthere a honeymoon on the day of their marriage nor did they sleep in the same room on their wedding night. Admittedly, the two lived a very complicated life.

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