History Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s First Marriage Secrets

Michael Jackson got married to Lisa Marie Presley as his first wife. He had met her while performing with Jackson 5 in Nevada in 1976. At that time, Michael Jackson was 18 years old while Lisa was much younger, 8 years old.The two got an opportunity to interact after the show when Lisa’s father, Elvis Presley took her to visit the Jackson brothers backstage. A couple of years later, 18 years after the last meeting, they got married. Michael was happy because he was much in love with Lisa Marie. He had always believed in marrying out of love.

Although the two had willingly decided to get married, there was a stinging headache attributed to Lisa’s father and mother. Prisilla, Lisa’s mum, postulated that Michael Jackson only married her daughter for fame to maintain his public image after the 1993 scandal in which Evan Chandler accused Jackson of sexually molesting his 13-year-old son. The charges were however dropped after the two parties, settled for a huge sum of money. At the time Michael met Lisa Marie for the second time, she was already married to Danny Keough and the two had two children.


Michael really wanted Lisa and went ahead to sign her in his record label MJJ music. This followed with inundating advantages that saw Lisa accept Michael Jackson’s proposal to get married despite the fact that her parents would not approve of it. She proceeded by filing for a divorce in 1994 after which he married Jackson in the same year. They organized their wedding in the Dominican Republic at Judge Hugo Alvarez’s house. The media, however, did not know about this, not even Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson’s parents.It was later clear in the news that the two had gotten married secretly. Priscilla Presley became mad and could not take in the fact that her daughter had betrayed her. She never liked Jackson because of the perception that he was after her daughter’s inheritance. Jackson and Lisa visited France as part of their honeymoon. In 1995, Lisa broke the silence that she had had sex with Michael Jackson during an interview with a news reporter, Diane Sawyer.

Michael Jackson had fertility related issues and wanted Lisa Marie to adopt a child with him. He requested his wife to partake either In Vitro Fertilization or surrogate. This is how Debbie Rowe came into the picture. She was working as Dr. Arnold Klein’s assistant and managed Michael Jackson’s medical files. At one point, she became a wife to Richard Edelman. Michael and Debbie would then settle for a contract on artificial insemination with a sperm donation.


Unfortunately, the marriage between Jackson and Lisa did not last for long. Her parents would never approve of it. Lisa’s dad went ahead to caution Lisa Marie, through his manager, Colonel Tom Parkertold Lisa that her dad could never approve an interracial marriage.Lisa Marie wanted Jackson to join her church only for Michael to refuse. This was a great disappointment on her side and this is what contributed to her refusing the plea from Michael to adopt her kids, Benjamin and Riley. Also, Lisa lost her trust on learning that Debbie had a crush on Michael Jackson and a nude painting of him. This raised Lisa’s suspicion igniting her to reconnect with her ex-husband. Lisa finally divorced Michael Jackson citing their marriage as a mistake.

Hey there! So you also are a fan of this child artist who has portrayed extraordinary talents in blending French touch with electro. He also is very famous in his discography and both his albums have been widely accepted and earned him a lot of appreciation.

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