History Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Secret Life You May Not Know

Being the most pursued artist in the pop industry, Michael Jackson was determined to maintain a low profile. The legend was careful about his private life getting into the limelight. He could not, however, hide it all to the people that surrounded him including his bodyguards and close friends. The following are some of the things you might not know about the singer.

Was using a dangerous drug

Michael Jackson was already dangerous drugs such as Propofol and Oxy Cotin. This was alleged to the fact that he could he couldn’t catch a wink of sleep. Jackson’s life started taking a new turn in June 2005 when he was standing trial in California Courtroom against child molestation. The people around him could easily notice there was something wrong about him. Some said he felt the whole world had turned against him while others ridiculed that he could pay a million dollars for a one good night of sleep. It was clear, he was afraid of going to jail. A heavenly feeling eventually bestowed upon him the day he was acquitted of the charges. He did not celebrate, though.


Applied makeup

Michael Jackson claimed he had a skin disorder contrary to what many people said about him. He had to consistently apply make ups to correct and cover up his skin disorder. The issue drew much attention on one occasion in Dubai. Michael had gone out shopping in Dubai when he went into the ladies bathroom and started applying makeup. Unfortunately, a woman who was present in the same bathroom took a picture of him. What turned out was an offending fiasco that prompted Jackson to call for his bodyguards who impounded the lady’s phone.

Toured lots of Countries for a peace of mind

Jackson’s major nightmare was sleep. Day by day things was moving from worse to worst. After getting cleared over the molestation charges that were alleged of him, he left for Bahrain to stay with a close friend, Abdullah bin Hamad. Abdullah really helped Jackson to recover. He regarded him as a brother, traveled together with him, protected him, gave him space and privacy, and made music together with him. Unfortunately, things didn’t end up as anticipated. Abdullah sued Jackson for betrayal. Later, Michael moved to Northern Ireland to pay a visit to an old friend, Michel Flatley, in his Castlehyde home. The place was very inviting for him and Flatley recalls the sad moment for the pop singer when he was leaving Castlehyde.

Avoided his family

It was alleged that Michael avoided people that would try to help him. This included his own family evidenced the dayhe refused to let his family into his home after driving all the way from Encino. They had to beg. His family had tried a number of times to reach him but to no avail. 


A prolific reader

Michael Jackson had an immense passion for reading. His bodyguards admitted that he could by lots of books when out for shopping. His Neverland home had thousands of books explaining why the famous pop artist was quite knowledgeable.

 Many security guards

Being an icon of classical pop music, the celeb fascinated many fans. He ended up having an uncountable number of fans all over the world. He therefore, needed more security to protect him wherever he went. While out on the streets, he could be seen in the company of multifarious security guards heavily loaded with guns.

Hey there! So you also are a fan of this child artist who has portrayed extraordinary talents in blending French touch with electro. He also is very famous in his discography and both his albums have been widely accepted and earned him a lot of appreciation.

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