Michael Jackson’s Career

Michael Neverland Collection

The good thing about being a superstar is the way you get to be appreciated by many people all over the world including the ones you don’t even know. Your fans are much willing to support you. Michael Jackson, being an artist with the largest number of fans, made a lot of money that saw his Neverland home resemble a paradise.

  1. Thrones

Michael Jackson’s Neverland collection featured amazing gold thrones. One of the red gold thrones portrayed a creepy image with the way it supported a shoulder-standing doll. This mystery explained why the artist had such a complicated lifestyle.

  1. Crowns

Jackson treasured gold crowns. This Neverland home was full of crowns with different colors and sizes. In most cases, his photos featured red crowns.


  1. Gloves

Diamond, silver, and leather; these were some of the things Michael Jackson’s gloves were made of. Regularly, he could be seen in white or gray gloves.

  1. Bling

Almost every closet in Jackson’s house had blings mostly made of gold.

  1. Artwork

Jackson was an artist, so was his love for arts. He could spend millions just on decorated paintings, statues, and illustrious ornaments. Some people referred his artwork as adorable. His taste in the artwork was described to range from ridiculous to sublime, from the beautiful to the bizarre.

  1. Awards

Every year with its award, the pop legend’scloset was flourishing of honorable awards including Entertainer of the decade Award, Golden Elephant Award, Favorite Male Artist, and Award of Merit among others.

  1. Multiple platinum albums from all over the world

The American superstar produced over 50 music albums including compilation albums, studio albums, live albums, EPs, soundtrack albums, remix albums and posthumous. All these were displayed at his Neverland home.


  1. Costumes

He had the best costume designers on earth. Michael could pay anything to get what he wanted. After having a good time entertaining his fans he could keep the costumes in his closets. You can imagine the number of costumes he had in his home by the time he died.

  1. Gardens filled with bronze and statues of children playing

As you already know, Michael Jackson loved staying in an attractive environment, and that’s why he purchased The Neverland Home. This home had lots of attractive gardens with children’s statues. He also had the love for children.

  1. Museum for video games

Neverland was a home for video games console. This is evident with the existence of multiple Xbox and playing pads.

  1. Lots of dishes

Dishes were some of the assets the veteran fancied that existed in abundance in his home.

  1. Neverland firetruck

The Neverland fire truck was used to handle emergency related issues.

  1. Statues of Michael himself

Are you aware that Michael Jackson had made a statue of himself? Well, there are lots of statues in his Neverland Home portraying his love for art.


  1. Life statues of people

What was much surprising is the fact that Jackson hadvery creepy statues all over his house?  He had even dressed the statues in the normal human outfits. However, this raised lots of questions about the artists about the kind of life he fancied.

  1. Gifts from the Disney company

Various gifts from the Disney Companycould be spotted in Michael Jackson’s Home during the auctioning period.

Hey there! So you also are a fan of this child artist who has portrayed extraordinary talents in blending French touch with electro. He also is very famous in his discography and both his albums have been widely accepted and earned him a lot of appreciation.

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