What inspired you to write about Jackson and his Computerband?

His unwinding talent for discography is what that drove me crazy about Jackson. Also, he is working in this industry since he was 15 which makes it even more interesting. He also is very famous in his discography and both his albums have been widely accepted and earned him a lot of appreciation. Be it SMASH or GLOW, his songs were widely used for commercial bumps and were enjoyed a lot by the young generation. It is thought of that his songs are a remix of remix of remix of a music that has blended good use of glitch, electro, hip hop and finally a French touch and if it does not seems enough his pre and post singles also were considered top disco and club versions. As of now, these still are welcomed at most of the discos and hugely incorporated in most of the discographies. It is appreciated when you not only have some kind of uniqueness but you also are able to stick with it with core of your heart and this is what Jackson was capable of. His electro touch was unique and different from other electro versions but he still managed to pull it off for himself. Despite being under criticism by competitors he still not gave up and that was the sole reason that when he debuted his album after numerous singles, his music was welcomed and appreciated to bits.

What about Jackson will you be providing your readers with?

Jackson and his computerband is one hell of a name that drives a sensation in your body but unfortunately due to his not so huge lists of work there is not a lot of informative sites present that are informing about him. Or even blogs are not enough to keep you updated with the life of this artists and his contributions to the world of electro rock. Be it his personal life or professional career, there will be everything about him present here. His music videos and reviews on them, his awards and nominations, his contributors or even the stories told by other artist about this artist will be a part of this site. This French artist entered in the industry when he was only 15 and since then he never stopped. And if you want to know more about this artist and his creations then this site is going to be your final destination! Just like any true fan, you will witness any news about Jackson, or whatsoever he is up to in his life. Or maybe the news of any upcoming singles if he is releasing those or even any album that will blow off our minds, some teasers of first looks of his music, and so on.