History Of Michael Jackson

The Truth About Jackson’s Skin Color

Michael Jackson’s mysteries seemed to have been far from the end; from one scandal to another. It was clear to many of his fans that the artist was undergoing a bewildering transition on his skin complexity. But who exactly knew what was transpiring? Many speculations came up denouncing Jackson of having undergone plastic surgery, or maybe skin bleaching. On the contrary, Jackson and his entire family held their ground making it clear that the speculation was only defamation.

In an interview with the American Veteran and Media Owner, Oprah Winfrey, in 1993, Michael Jackson repudiated the assertion that he had bleached his skin. He responded, “I have a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of the skin I cannot help. People make a story that I don’t wanna be who I am. It hurts me.” He went ahead to say, “I’m not taking anything to change my body; I’m trying to control it using make-up.” His sentiments were clear; he was getting offended by the allegations. Anyway, who are we to judge him when he was the only one who knew the truth?

Michael Jackson performs live on stage, 1996. (Photo by Phil Dent/Redferns)

During another interview with a British Journalist, Martin Bashir, in 2003, Jackson was asked about how he responded to the claims that he was now white when initially he was black.This is what Jackson said:“You can ask God that, that has nothing to do with me, and that’s ignorant. I don’t control puberty. I don’t control the fact that I have vitiligo.” This was yet another proof that Jackson wasn’t getting amused by what people said about him.

Another interview conducted in 1995, by Diana Sawyer, was intended to make things clearer as many people were not yet satisfied with everything concerning Jackson’s skin color. Michael responded to this by attributing it to natureand that it had created itself. His wife, fortunately, intervened to save him from all this by articulating the fact that Michael was an artist and had the freedom to do whatever he wished and that he had to work on any form of imperfection to make him look good.

Vitiligo is a type of skin disorder that is mostly articulated to people having a black pigmentation. The disorder has the effect of changing ones dark complexity to white gradually developing white patches. The disorder is said to affect a smaller percentage of the world population, approximately 2%. According to scientific studies, the disorder is mainly caused by the alteration in the body’s immune system.

Michael Jackson plastic surgery

Michael Jackson, contrary to people’s speculation, seemed to be a victim of vitiligo. When he released his album, Thriller in 1982, his skin looked quite normal, but as time progressed, it was noticeable that he had a problem. The spots on his face became could not be covered despite the thick make-up. A candid shot of Jackson’s chest in the early 90s displayed the disturbing white patches citing to vitiligo. Also, there were lots of shots taken around his wrist area showing many conspicuous white patches. This, beyond doubt, shows that Michael Jackson never faked it at all and that its time people cut him the crap.

Hey there! So you also are a fan of this child artist who has portrayed extraordinary talents in blending French touch with electro. He also is very famous in his discography and both his albums have been widely accepted and earned him a lot of appreciation.

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